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Are you waiting to "feel motivated" before starting something?

So often I find myself working with clients who "don't have any motivation to ........." and therefore they talk themselves out of making that change, taking that decision, sorting things out, trying something new, turning a corner. They believe they need the 'motivation' first. THEN they will apparently take action.

I completely disagree. I have witnessed too many times that the motivation just doesn't ever seem to arrive and the block (or excuse!) wins.

MY TIP: Think about it this way instead - how often do we tell ourselves we don't feel like doing something today, perhaps it is cold, wet and blowing a gale outside but we are due at a netball, hockey, football or rugby match or had planned a run or walk with a friend. Yet, despite not 'feeling like it' we make ourselves go because we can't let other people down. What happens? By showing up and just getting on with the game, run or walk we get into it, start enjoying it and guess what? THEN OUR MOTIVATION ARRIVES!!!!

It is by taking action, getting on with it, starting..... that our motivation comes to us - NOT the other way around.

So what are you waiting for? What are you putting off? Start first, and get the motivation as a result of the doing. Don't wait until you feel sufficiently motivated, that's the wrong order of things and it won't ever happen.

No more excuses. No more waiting (avoiding!). Just get on with it!!! In the nicest possible way, of course xxxx