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What friendships need.....

Having recently spent time researching the subject of happiness - I came upon lots of evidence that reveals a very real and genuine human need for "reciprocity" within relationships and friendships. We feel happier when we feel we are getting out of a friendship or relationship as much as we are putting in, and that the other party is giving and taking a fair and equal amount in return.

On the other hand, we feel real unhappiness if there is an imbalance - if we feel we are the one always making contact, doing all the organising of social events, including them in things, making all the thoughtful gestures or showing kindness - and that the other person is not doing these things as often, or at all!

Apparently the need for reciprocity is a natural and normal need. So feel comforted if you ever find yourself feeling annoyed, frustrated or even hurt by a "friend" or loved one - you are normal.

And if you don't and rarely have ever felt these negative feelings towards someone close and important to you, then perhaps you are that person who doesn't make the contact, organise things or take the initiative in the relationship!!!!!

So we always need to keep in mind give and take, balance, a two-way street and therefore reciprocity if we want maximum happiness within a friendship or relationship.

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