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Are you looking for an enthusiastic, motivational speaker for your next event?

Dawn Fiske is an enormously confident, enthusiastic and motivational speaker who tailors her talks and presentations to her audiences.

She has delivered keynote speeches on a wide range of subjects including 'Overcoming Change', 'Understanding Stress and how to Manage it', 'Managing Time & Distractions for Busy People', 'Confidence & Self Belief'', ‘Resolving Conflict In The Workplace’, 'The Power of the Mind Over The Body - Health & Wellbeing’ and ‘Achieving Your Goals and Dreams'.

Often drawing on her own stories and experiences, and those of people she has worked with (although names are never mentioned!), Dawn can help to make your event even more memorable and thought provoking.

So if you are looking for a keynote or guest speaker for your next annual conference or large team meeting, or perhaps an after dinner speaker for a presentation or awards ceremony, contact Dawn to discuss how she can help you.


Dawn's challenging life story...

Back in 2010 Dawn felt very unwell during early December... 

In the stressful run up to Christmas, mentally scanning her busy diary, she decided that she simply ‘did not have time to be ill’ - a phrase that will resonate in the hearts of men and women, married or single who are caught up in the frenetic wheel of juggling family, work and social commitments and feeling that in spite of time-saving technology, not only do they have less and less time for themselves - they don't even have time to be ill.

Dawn ignored the warning signals her body was sending her, until four days later she could ignore them no longer and she collapsed.

The next  few weeks were spent fighting for her life having been diagnosed with TTP, a rare and potentially fatal blood disorder. Her partner was told to prepare himself for the worst – the medical team did not believe she would make it out of Intensive Care. Together with their two young children he tried to come to terms with this life shattering news. 

Dawn fought hard, and despite the TTP, massive clots on her lungs, two strokes and weeks of treatment, she proved everyone wrong. With total determination to be there for her children and harness her inner strength she drew on all her coaching tools and techniques, used so successfully with clients to help them achieve their goals and plans. Testing these to the ultimate limit, she proved them to be powerful enough to have a positive effect on both her physical and mental condition and made a full recovery.