Terms & Conditions and Code of Ethics

My approach

  • I see the coaching relationship as a partnership – trust is fundamental to its success.

  • I am fully committed to your success and totally believe in your potential to achieve.

  • The coaching relationship is confidential to the Coach and Coachee.

  • I abide by the Code of Ethics set out below.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment will be in advance or at the time of each session.

  • Re-scheduling or cancellations of appointments should be done at least 24 hours before the planned date.

  • Any re-scheduled or cancelled sessions with less than 24 hour notice will be charged at the full session rate.

  • You are committed to meeting at the time(s) we agree.

My commitment to you

  • The coaching relationships is confidential except by agreement in the following instances:

    • In the event that you provide me with information for the specific purpose of discussing with others.

    • For verification purposes of accreditation by external bodies.

  • I am committed to meeting at the time(s) we agree and will provide a safe setting in which to carry out the coaching.

  • I will fully prepare for all our discussions and be ready to work on time.

  • All information held by me is kept in the strictest of confidence and only ever shared with your permission (eg for accreditation purposes).

  • You may e-mail or call me between scheduled sessions if you need urgent advice, have a problem or want to share a success with me.

What I expect from you

  • That you have an intent to change and desire to develop.

  • You are ready to work and receive feedback.

  • You are willing to try new ways of learning, be honest, keep to your commitments and inform me of anything that is not working for you.

  • You are open to exploring thoughts, feelings and actions and challenge them particularly when they are not serving you well.

  • You understand that I will be totally focused on you, your best interests and your goals.

  • You understand that whilst I challenge, educate, support and encourage you, it is totally your responsibility to “do the work” and that you are ready to take action when appropriate.

  • If I ever say or do anything in a session that you don’t feel comfortable with or if you have any concern with the way we are working, you will let me know as soon as possible. For our work together to be effective, you have to be honest with me.

  • You are aware that the coaching is no way to be construed as psychological counselling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed. You enter into the coaching with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.

Code of ethics

  • I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively upon the coaching profession and I will refrain from engaging in conduct or making statements that may negatively impact the public's understanding or acceptance of coaching as a profession.

  • I will construct clear agreements with my clients, and honour all agreements made in the context of the professional coaching relationship.

  • I will ensure that, prior to or at the initial session, my coaching client understands the nature of coaching, the bounds of confidentiality, financial arrangements and other terms of the coaching agreement.

  • I will accurately identify my qualifications, expertise and experience as a coach.

  • I will not intentionally mislead or make false claims about what my client will receive from the coaching process or from me as a coach.

  • I will not knowingly exploit any aspect of the coach-client relationship for my personal, professional or monetary advantage or benefit.

  • I will respect the client's right to terminate coaching at any point during the process. I will be alert to indications that the client is no longer benefiting from our coaching relationship.

  • If I believe the client would be better served by another coach or other support professional I will encourage the client to make a change.

  • I will respect the confidentiality of my client's information, except as authorised by the client, or as required by law.

  • I will obtain agreement from my client before releasing their name as a client or reference, or any other client identifying information.

  • I will seek to avoid conflicts between my interests and the interests of my clients.

  • Whenever any actual conflict of interest or potential for conflict of interest arises, I will openly disclose it and fully discuss with my client how to deal with it in whatever way best serves my client.

  • I will make a copy of this code freely available to my clients.