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We coach leaders, managers and team members within organisations on a wide variety of areas, including change management, team conflict, departmental goal setting, individual goal setting, work/life balance and individual career development.

Leadership Coaching

Are leaders born or made, or is it a combination of the two? Does anyone really know the answer to this but one thing we do know is that leadership skills can be developed, enhanced and maximised with support and coaching. Dawn works on a 1:1 basis with existing leaders and those being developed for future leadership roles within organisations to develop dynamic leadership skills that inspire, and enhancing the quality, confidence, ability, contribution and job satisfaction of these crucial people.  

Coaching through Change

There are three certainties in life; death, taxes and change. Like death and taxes, change can often bring negative feelings, dread and anxiety. There is frequently fear and resistance around change, demotivation amongst workforce, and reduction in productivity. Dawn works within organisations on just these areas, helping individuals and teams to overcome their fears and resistance, helping them to make the required adjustments, face the issues and embrace the changes rapidly and successfully. 

Team Coaching 

We work within organisations with one goal in mind – high performing, well established, and successful teamwork. We either develop the skills of new or underperforming teams, or add new drive and focus to well-established and successful ones. We therefore coach towards outstanding and high performing teams within companies, who pull together and work as a well-oiled machine both for the company, the team and for themselves. 

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Conflict within teams and organisation can affect performance, morale, health, productivity and staff turnover. So the rewards and benefits of resolving such conflicts cannot be underestimated. We work with  ‘both sides’ of such conflicts to find a win/win resolution to reduce and alleviate such issues and conflict. 

Asking insightful questions

We coach individuals within the corporate world on how to best manage their careers, help them develop career goals, think through career tactics and design career paths.



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